Grow Your Business Using Social Media In 6 Steps

Social media is an important marketing tool in helping you grow your business. However, the key is to remember that what attracts followers and what grows business are not always the same thing. 

While it is essential to learn ideas and tactics from other people on social media, don’t get discouraged. You’re using social media marketing for a precise reason which is growing your business. To do that, you need to be aware of some concepts like; grow a follower base,convert these followers to leads. It is also important to understand that there are paid social and organic social. Below we will explain to you in detail how to grow your business using social media!

Here are six guaranteed steps to help you
grow your business when using social media: 

1- Create a follower base

First, you need to understand your targeted customers. What social media platforms do they use? For example: if they mainly use LinkedIn but never use Facebook, then direct your efforts on LinkedIn and disregard Facebook. many small businesses, get in trouble as they do a mediocre job on five platforms instead of truly owning one platform. when focusing on the platform that your customers use most, you will be telling them that you understand. This is a critical step in establishing credibility and authority within your industry, which is why customers would want to follow you. 

Next, start following people in your field of business, to understand the conversations that are happening within your space, which, in turn, will inform you of the type of content you need to write. To increase your engagement, you must write content that your audiences are interested in. Once you create compelling content for them, you increase the chances of turning viewers into customers. 

Once you’ve identified the right platform and have generated a followers base, the first point of your approach is consistently posting. The posts can be your original content, retweeting, or just resharing content that is interesting. This is just to be committed to posting once or twice per day, five days a week. Using social media marketing to grow your business is not a simple task. You must commit and do the effort, that’s why Websiteey is here to do that effort for you! 

2- Inject your brand.

Social media marketing allows you to include your brand in everything you do to help your business emerge. Yet, it is important to remain authentic and remember that social media is just one customer engagement platform. If you post light and fun content like funny memes on your social media while your sales team is pressuring customers to seal deals, then you are sending mixed messages. Thus, your brand will be damaged more than helped. That’s why it is very important to partner with a social media marketing agency like Websiteey. Our team will plan your campaigns and execute them professionally so you can get the best results.

3- Start a conversation.

Social media marketing is a conversation. If your customers feel that they’re part of the conversation and not just the target, they will be more open to knowing more about your brand. It’s weird to have a conversation by yourself. That’s why you should concentrate your efforts on building a follower base first. Once you have at least 1,000 followers, you should ramp up your creative campaigns while posting about your company still. 

Campaigns can be anything like a contest or a quiz. Contests are valuable because they can push people to take action. For example, “Sign up for our newsletter to win a free service or even a T-shirt with your logo on it. That’s your win-win situation. When people give you their email, you start the email marketing techniques, and when they wear your T-shirt, they are advertising your brand.

That type of contest also trains people to take action. While it is good to have a great number of followers and likes, it is more important in growing your business that you transform some of these people into buyers. With social media people often focus on follower count. In a growing business, it is more important to have small engaging targeted followers who are willing to purchase than appealing to everyone around the world. 

A professional social media marketing agency like Websiteey, will definitely assist you to maintain both.

4- Don’t be afraid to sell.

Social media accounts can’t just be about engaging, you must sell something to grow your business. And If you are using social media to help you sell, then you also should be using it to help support your customers post-sale. Social media is the best way for customers to try to reach a brand. Be responsive. In Social media customer service, quick is more important than perfect. Respond quickly even to just acknowledge their question, or just send them the customer support phone number or email. Some businesses have a separate support social account, to not divert from the main brand-building mission. That doesn’t mean it is okay to be rude! Acknowledgment along with professionalism is the key to build a rapport with your customers. Our social media customer service team will ensure that your customers have a friendly experience and will guarantee their satisfaction. 

5- Don’t rush into paid social media.

It is foundational for your company to use your social media marketing for organic growth. When you own your platform and develop an audience, only then is the time to experiment with paid social. Do not make the mistake of rushing into paid social. When you interact with your customers through your organic efforts, you will learn priceless lessons. What you learn then will make your paid social much more efficient. 

Running a lot of tests with a little amount of money is the key to paid social. These tests will help narrow down the targeted audiences and the messaging that converts those audiences. Paid social media is an excellent means to drive action. This means that your goal should be to urge people to sign up for an ebook, a newsletter, or, a demo, or a trial of your product. 

When working with a team of experts, they will know when to start a paid campaign and when to go for organic growth. That’s why Websiteey’s team is here to assist you to reach your growth smoothly and professionally.

6- Use social media to speak to all of your audiences.

Note that the primary focus is on your customers. However, all your audiences are essential for a company’s growth. As you continue creating your social accounts, see them as the media, potential employees, potential investors, and your competitors. Talking to all these audiences is necessary. 

But when you build a powerful brand, deliver value to your buyers, remain engaging and consistent, all your audiences will benefit from your efforts on social media. And that will help grow your business. It is important to know how to speak to each type of audience and when. Remember, you don’t want to lose any customer database by offending anyone! If you don’t know how to deal with all of your audiences, seek a professional social media agency like ours! Our team knows what to do and how to interact with all consumer behaviors.